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Once upon a time, in the Rogue Valley of Oregon, Dean decided that he wanted to play with his favorite musicians, all busy music professionals who lead their own groups and support other artists locally and globally. He and Actual Wolf, along with the Grand Marquis, hatched a plan to make a certain kind of music with no rules about how or what to play. They devised a catch phrase, based on an old ad by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker who were looking for good players in New York City. “Must have chops. No hangups.”

Dean Angermeier, Eric Pollard (Actual Wolf), Jacob Rubanowitz (Yak Attack), Nick Kirby (Every Band Ever) and Tarik Ragab (Raze the Maze) are all global musicians who just happen to be lucky enough to live in the Rogue Valley together. Collectively they have played with just about EVERYBODY in the valley, including Jeff Pevar and Inger Nova with Zepdrix and Lovebite, The Rogue Suspects, DKSP, Hopfinger, Dead AF, Yak Attack, Rogue Underground, The Robbie Dacosta Septet, Jah Sun, Bishop Mayfield and Friends, The Frankie Hernandez Band, Modern Prometheus Jazz Company, Saucy, Shine On and on and on. If there is a group or performing musician in the Rogue Valley, there's a better than aught chance that one or more of these guys have played with them at one time or another. They’ve played all over the world with global touring bands, but always come back to the Rogue Valley to play with their friends and live in the greatest place on God’s green Earth.

Rock, jazz, blues, jam, country, dead, free, and even hints of classical make their way into the music of Dean’s Funtime Party Band. Basically it is any kind of music you can play with an actual instrument. And these guys play some of the most epic grooves and notes heard anywhere in the ether. Combining songs and elements of Miles Davis, Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Jaco, Charlie Parker, Paul Simon, Wayne Shorter, Phish, Keith Jarrett, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, along with original music, The Funtime Players just love to play! For the growing number of fans of DFPB, there is great incentive to catch each and every show. You’re guaranteed to hear something you’ve never heard before. And you never know who will show up to sit in with these crazy cats.

In addition to playing whatever musical choices they like, the members of Dean’s Funtime Party Band get to play whatever INSTRUMENT they want to play. They set up multiple drum sets, keyboards, guitar and bass rigs so they can all jump on whatever they like. One of the amazing things about these guys is that every player can play every instrument. Dean might hop on the drums, Nick and Jacob might switch whatever instruments they happen to be playing at the time, Actual Wolf may grab a guitar, and Tarik might push Dean off the keys so he can rip a mind numbing key solo to rival his bass badassery.

So check your interwebs, your socials, and your network of fellow Funtimers to keep track of where this stellar group will be playing next, and for their upcoming original album "SERIOUS FUNTIME" to be released in 2024. Soon enough they’ll be coming to a city, state, or country near you, and you can share in the crazy musical adventures of Dean’s Funtime Party Band.


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